21 FREE Lessons in


From Entrepreneurs

Designed For Middle Managers and Key Employees

A few long summers ago, 25 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, founders and business owners were interviewed to find out how they achieve extraordinary results in business.

Each of these entrepreneurs had created a business from scratch worth millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and in some instances, billions of dollars.

Entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking... and although not everybody in business can be an entrepreneur, everyone can learn from entrepreneurs and develop many of the same leadership traits and thinking patterns which help build great companies.

In the videos below, you'll find 21 FREE leadership lessons (approx 1-minute each) which are designed to introduce middle managers and key employees to some of the thinking traits and business building strategies which are shared by all great entrepreneurs.

These are the same traits and strategies all employees, managers and leaders need to embrace if they want to help build a great company.

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Introduction: The Business of Belief

THEY BELIEVE / The Customer

1. Customer Relevance

2. Word of Mouth Marketing

3. Life Time Value

4. Everbody is a Salesperson

5. Fundamentals of Business


6. Teams


8. Communication

9. Getting The Most From Your Team

10. Motivation

I BELIEVE / The Leader

11. Habits

12. I Believe in Myself ( I BELIEVE)

13. Be Passionate and Want it (I BELIEVE)

14. Extend Your Comfort Zone (I BELIEVE:

15. Lies and Luck Don't Work (I BELIEVE)

16. Install Goals (I BELIEVE)

17. Enjoy Hard Work (I BELIEVE)

18. Very Very Persistant (I BELIEVE)

19. Expect Failure (I BELIEVE)

20. Inverting the Pyramid