Give Your Team The Entrepreneurial Edge

Get The Entrepreneurial Edge in Your Company, Department or Team

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Unlock The Enterpreneurial Edge of Your Team

Why do some companies achieve extraordinary growth and success whilst others struggle?

Is it their great products... a hungry market... perfect timing?

All important factors, but for many companies, their stand out point of difference is their entrepreneurial edge.

It’s the people in their organisation who think, act and behave differently.

Companies around the world -- many of whom you will never of heard of -- are dominating their marketplace right now all because they have the entrepreneurial edge -- with every employee in their company operating at a higher level and delivering performance and results which their competitors can only dream of.

Here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide Ltd we have created Enterprise LEADER, a team development program which helps companies -- large and small, and in any industry -- get the entrepreneurial edge.

We help organisations -- like yours -- stand out in your marketplace by instilling into your team members a different way of thinking which is proven to improve results… including more sales, more profit, more cash, more KPIs -- faster, easier and with fewer resources.

Use Enterprise LEADER to:

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Enterprise LEADER is available as an MP3/PDF download and will play in the media player of any device -- including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows PC, Linux or any other MP3 player

Highly Structured Team Development Program

Highly structured team development program consisting of 20 MP3 sessions covering core subject such as Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership. Hugely engaging story based approach. Instills business fundamental into team members.

Gives Your Team The Entrepreneurial Edge

Built with the help of leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders, Enterprise LEADER helps give your company, department or team the entrepreneurial edge.

Proven To Deliver Increased Performance and Results

Enterprise LEADER is proven to help companies drive change and deliver increased performance and results -- i.e. more sales, more customers, more profits, more cash, better service, better quality, better results… faster, quicker, easier and with less resources

Flexible Methodology

Uses a highly structured, yet flexible methodology, allowing you to experience the program over 20 days, 20 weeks or even 20 months. You choose the schedule which works best for you.

Scalable From 5 to 500+ Employees

Enterprise LEADER is works just as well for small teams of 5 people as it does with companies with 500 or more employees. Simply follow our proven methodology and scale the program to meet your organisational size and needs.

Works In Any Industry

Enterprise LEADER works in any industry. If you have customers and employees, Enterprise LEADER can help you grow and improve your company performance. NB: Enterprise LEADER is best suited for English speaking organisations.

MP3 Sessions Play on Any Smartphone or MP3 Player

Enterprise LEADER is available as an MP3 download. The files will play on any smartphone, MP3 player or computer and typically will be copied to personal devices of your employees.

Workbook Personalises The Program To Your Own Company

Enterprise LEADER comes with a 218 page printable workbook. The workbook personalises the program back to your own work environment. It is also an essential part of the group sessions.

Group Sessions Facilitated By Your Own Managers or External Coaches

An integral part of the Enterprise LEADER approach are the group sessions where team members discuss the learning from the MP3 sessions and workbook. These sessions can be facilitated by internal executives or outside coaches or consultants.

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