Team Development Meeting
A typical Enterprise LEADER team building session - facilitated by a manager/executive.
Enterprise LEADER brings team members together to talk, share, learn, explore ideas and get focused. This is done through group face-to-face team building sessions (which your own managers and executives or an external coach/consultant/trainer facilitate).
Ahead of each team building session, team members will have first listened to a 15-minute MP3 development session (helping get everybody on the same page) and completed several workbook exercises.
Over the course of 20 sessions, team members will explore three core themes of 'customers, teams and personal leadership' -- applying all they learn to their own work and your business. Start today your 'FREE TRIAL' today.

At its heart, Enterprise LEADER (team development program) is a series of 20 mini case-studies, which takes an in-depth look a company called Amroze Technology.

Amroze has fallen on hard times in recent years, but through the principles taught in Enterprise LEADER is reclaiming its position as a market leader.

Case study learning is widely used in MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses around the world and is perfect for transferring knowledge, stimulating discussion and facilitating idea generation.

In the case study of Amroze Technology, your own employees (known as mentees) are introduced to the following five executives:

    • Stephen Fox - Amroze Technology Chief Executive.

    • Lucy Robinson - Chief Enterprise Leader.

    • Michael Redford - Chairman.

    • Charlie Gardham – Founder of Amroze Technology.

    • Tom McMillan – External Coach.

With the help of Stephen, Lucy, Michael, Charlie and Tom, your mentees will examine the fundamentals of business which make all companies great -- and which Amroze are using to turn themselves around.

These fundamentals are broken down into three core themes of Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership.

20 MP3 Development Sessions

Each case-study is presented in 20 x 15 minute MP3 sessions. Team members listen to one session a week over 20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months or any timescale inbetween which suits you.

Group Face-to-Face Team-Building Sessions

After listening to an MP3 development session, team members meet with a manager/executive from your company in a group session and discuss what they have learnt from the case-study of Amroze Technology and examine what they can apply back to their own company.

Workbook Exercises

Team members also receive a 212 page workbook which summarises the 20 development sessions. In the workbook are a number of short written exercises which get everybody to reflect on the MP3 development sessions.

The final exercise at the end of each session asks the question 'What changes would you make if you were CEO for a day?'

This question gives each team member permission to put forward their own business growth, process improvement or cost saving ideas. These ideas are fed back up to the senior management team.

The 20 development sessions are:

    • Session 1: Growth Through Innovation, Creativity and Change
    • Session 2: Gaining New Customers Through 'Word of Mouth Marketing'
    • Session 3: How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers
    • Session 4: Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson
    • Session 5: The Six Fundamentals of Business That You Must Master

Sessions 6 to 10 : Focus on TEAMS

    • Session 6: People! The Key To Unlocking Your Profit Potential
    • Session 7: 7 Essential Steps To Make Your Team Believe
    • Session 8: How To Maximise Your Results Through Communication
    • Session 9: 7 Proven Strategies To Get The Most From Your Team
    • Session 10: Motivation! How To Get Your People To Go The Extra Mile

Sessions 11 to 20 : Focus on EMPLOYEES and PERSONAL LEADERSHIP

    • Session 11: Half-Way Review and Introduction To Personal Leadership
    • Session 12: How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief
    • Session 13: The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire
    • Session 14: How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs
    • Session 15: How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You
    • Session 16: How To Achieve Extraordinary Results Through The Power of Goals
    • Session 17: The 5 Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals
    • Session 18: How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself
    • Session 19: Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential For You To Succeed!
    • Session 20: Your Role as an Enterprise Leader

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