Business Coaches and Partners Wanted

We are constantly on the look-out to find talented coaches, trainers, consultants and business partners who can help us market, sell and implement Enterprise LEADER in companies around the world.

You as a Business Coach:

As a business coach, you'll have been there and done it in your own career, and will be able to provide a sounding board for managers who are currently going through Enterprise LEADER.

Much of the heavy lifting (i.e. learning, ideas, inspiration) in Enterprise LEADER is done through the MP3 sessions and workbook exercises, but the coaching calls are a vital part of the development process. The coaching calls give the employees/managers/teams the opportunity to reflect on the MP3/Workbook learning and apply their new thinking back to their own work and career.

As a coach you need to:

But... if you are an experienced manager or executive yourself, who has stood in the same shoes as the managers who are going through Enterprise LEADER, then this will be easy for you.

You as a Marketer and Salesperson:

As a marketer and salesperson, we are looking to you to help market and sell Enterprise LEADER. Coaching is the easy part, selling is the hard part!

That said, with our start small approach, as a business coach/partner we encourage you to get just one client... one manager who you can personally take through Enterprise LEADER.

Once one person has seen the benefits of Enterprise LEADER, it is much easier for you to up-sell into the organisation, and look at selling a site-licence.
We can help you with the selling process.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner and business coach -- including the commercial side of the business -- please get in touch with Richard Parkes Cordock using the contact details on this website.


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