Individual or Group Discussion Sessions

Like all good journeys, Enterprise LEADER is best experienced with other people. This could be sharing your experience with another work colleague, a work team, or a business coach/facilitator.

Sharing the Enterprise LEADER journey with other people helps you:

We recommend that companies or individuals who use Enterprise LEADER work with either a business coach -- or appoint an internal facilitator who can guide participants through the program. Often the internal facilitator will be a senior manager or executive who wants to develop their own people using Enterprise LEADER.

Alternatively, we can provide a business coach to work with you in your offices or via Skype calls. We can also provide training and support for internal facilitators.

We recommend getting together at least FOUR times with your coach/facilitator and follow the format below:

Suggested Timeframes

The Importance of the Discussion Sessions

Although each discussion session is short (between 20 mins and 2 hours depending on group size and frequency of meetings), these sessions are critical to keeping you on track with Enterprise LEADER and give you an opportunity to express your thoughts ideas and concerns.

The MP3 sessions of Enterprise LEADER, together with the workbook exercises/summaries do the heavy lifting in terms of providing you with new learning, ideas and inspiration. However it is important to have a period of reflection and apply your own thoughts back to your circumstances at work. The discussion sessions give you the perfect framework to do that.

Scheduling the Discussion Sessions

The discussion sessions are scheduled around you and the pace you decide to experience Enterprise LEADER at. You may choose to complete Enterprise LEADER within two months, and so a discussion session every other week would be appropriate. This is our recommended schedule and is illustrated in the table above.

Alternatively, you may choose to experience Enterprise LEADER over many months, so a discussion session every 30 days may work best.

Enterprise LEADER is highly flexible in how it is used. You choose the schedule which works best for you and your team.

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As a manager you should know that making that mental leap to leader is an essential one. The first thing you should do (if you haven't already) is to see yourself as a leader and not just a manager, and take on the responsibility which comes with leading.


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