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Enterprise LEADER: A step-by-step program for helping middle managers, line managers and key-employees become commercially focused business leaders

Great leadership in business is not the sole reserve of the CEO and senior management team.

To thrive in business, companies need leaders at all levels, including the all important middle management level.

Take a look at any job advert for a mid-level management position and you’ll see two fundamental requirements stand out.

Managers must have:

  1. The ability to lead, inspire, motivate and get the best from a team.
  2. Have big picture thinking, business acumen, commercial awareness and customer focus.

Naturally, technical skills are important, but the further you go up in your career, the more important it is that you have strong business skills and leadership/people skills.

The type of leadership we are talking about is not the all inspiring Ernest Shackleton or Sir Winston Churchill type of leadership, but more the Richard Branson business focused type of leadership... somebody who knows how to grow businesses, deliver results, inspire teams and create passionate raving fan customers.

The Journey as a Business Leader

Becoming a leader in business takes time. Experience plays an important part in your journey, but to become a great leader in business, you also have to know what great business leadership looks like.

You have to know what you are aiming for. You have to think like a business leader, talk like a business leader and act like a business leader.

With the help of Enterprise LEADER you have access to some of the best leadership and business thinking, ideas and inspiration available in the market place.

Enterprise LEADER will give you the tools, to fast-track your career, stand out as a leader in business and enjoy all the rewards (both financial and emotional) which come from being a successful manager, leader and business executive.

Built from the ground up with the help of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders who were interviewed and modeled to understand what it takes to achieve success as a business leader, Enterprise LEADER will help you to:

Additionally, Enterprise LEADER will help you to:

Enterprise LEADER will help you switch from being a manager (or individual contributor) and give you the tools to stand out as a true business leader.

So, what exactly is Enterprise LEADER?

Enterprise LEADER is a ready made leadership development program for:


At its heart, Enterprise LEADER is a series of 20 MP3 development sessions, which are designed to train your mind to THINK like a business leader.

The 20 sessions are broken down into three core themes of Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership.

In Enterprise LEADER, these themes are known as:

...simply because when you look at any great business leader -- especially entrepreneurial leaders who were interviewed and modelled for Enterprise LEADER -- you find that self belief plays a major part in their success.

In great business leaders, their inner confidence shines through and they are able to make their teams believe… who in turn make their customers believe. When customers believe in your products, services, offer and company -- there is a good chance they will BUY, BUY AGAIN and TELL THEIR FRIENDS.

Once you've experienced Enterprise LEADER, you'll share this inner confidence as a leader too.


The full breakdown of the MP3 sessions is as follows:

Sessions 1 to 5: Focus on CUSTOMERS - (THEY BELIEVE)

Sessions 6 to 10: Focus on TEAMS - (WE BELIEVE)

Sessions 11 to 20: Focus on PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - (I BELIEVE)

In the MP3 sessions, you’ll hear the story of Amroze Technology, a company which has fallen on hard times, but recently turned itself around by focusing on the three core areas of Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership.

You will also hear more about Amroze Technology in the MP3 audio book which accompanies Enterprise LEADER. This book is called Business Upgrade.

This story of Amroze Technology makes Enterprise LEADER engaging to listen to and will help you relate the ideas and inspirations in the program back to your own work and career. Initially you'll start thinking about Amroze and the challenges they face, but very soon your thinking will switch to the company you work for and how you contribute to it as a manager and leader.

During the sessions, you’ll hear from Lucy, Michael, Tom, Stephen and Charlie who all work at Amroze and who will be your mentors as you journey through the 20 session program.


In addition to the 20 MP3 sessions, you’ll receive a 218 page workbook. This can be downloaded in PDF format and printed out.

The workbook is an essential part of Enterprise LEADER and has practical hands on exercises which allow you to apply the learning from the MP3 sessions back to your own personal circumstances at work and in your career as a manager.


Lastly, to keep you on track and give you an opportunity to apply the program to your own personal circumstances, you’ll participate in a number of one-on-one or group discussions.

These discussion sessions will either be with an external coach/mentor, or an internal executive -- possibly your own manager who sponsors and guides you through this program.

During the discussions, you'll reflect on what you’ve learnt during the MP3 sessions and workbook exercises.

Much of the heavy lifting in terms of ideas and inspiration will already have been done by the MP3 sessions and workbook. Therefore the discussion time can be much more reflective and you can start to apply even further how these principles of business leadership apply to your own work and career.


Enterprise LEADER was built around the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and the belief that to make the change from a manager (or Individual Contributor) to a fully fledged business leader requires a change in thinking, mindset, attitude and language.

By listening little and often to the 20 sessions of the NLP inspired program, you’ll be introduced to a new language of business leadership.

This is the same language spoken by the business leaders; CEOs and entrepreneurs who helped build Enterprise LEADER. People like Simon Woodroffe (YO! Sushi), Duncan Bannatyne, Lord Bilimoria (Cobra Beer), Lord Harris (CarpetRight), Chris Rucker (The White Company), Stuart Wheeler (IG Index) and many more.

Enterprise LEADER will help you think this way as a business leader.

Designed to Work Around You

Given the flexibility of the MP3 sessions, workbook exercises and discussions, Enterprise LEADER really is designed to work around you and your schedule.

The MP3 sessions are only 15 minutes long -- so even the busiest manager can find time in their schedule to invest in themselves and develop their own leadership capabilities.

With your coach/mentor/manager, you’ll work out a schedule which works best for you, and agree a time for the discussion sessions. You may choose to complete Enterprise LEADER in 20 days, 20 weeks or any duration in between.

You choose the schedule which works best for you.

Enterprise LEADER is Different…

Enterprise LEADER is different to many other leadership development programs for two main reasons.

  1. Most leadership development programs are designed for the senior management team. Enterprise LEADER is designed for middle managers, line-managers and key employees.

  2. Most leadership programs take place off site in a classroom and cost thousands of dollars/pounds. Enterprise LEADER uses a blended learning approach and is designed to fit in around you.

We have brought the best thinking of business leaders to you through meeting, interviewing, modelling and codifying their inner thinking and mindset. We have built a program which is easy to digest, fun, engaging and flexible in how it is experienced.

By using a different business model (i.e. publishing MP3/Workbook + discussions) we are able to make Enterprise LEADER much more affordable to virtually any other onsite leadership program -- AND available to a much wider audience (i.e. middle management and below).

And by offering a ‘little and often approach’, we believe the changes you’ll see will be deeper and longer lasting than a classroom course.

Little and often learning is proven to have a greater impact than a one day or even one-week session.

A Life Changing Experience

Enterprise LEADER truly is a life changing program and offers the opportunity to develop your career and stand out as a leader in business.

The rewards which come from being a great business leader can be rich -- both financially and at an emotional level -- and Enterprise LEADER can help you tap into those rewards.

Getting started with Enterprise LEADER is very simple. Just click here to order the program and get the MP3 and PDF materials.

Once you have downloaded everything, you can schedule a time for your first call with your coach (or with an internal executive/mentor) and get started with Enterprise LEADER and your business leadership development journey.

To take the first step in fast-tracking your career as a business leader -- and learn from great business leaders who have built million and multimillion dollar/pound businesses, just click here.

Your value as a manager is not necessarily in what YOU can do, but it is in what you can get OTHER PEOPLE to do. Your future financial success comes from getting other people to deliver results.

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