In 2012, Facebook released its ‘Little Red Book’ to explain its mission, history, and culture to new employees...

This page stood out like a sore thumb:-

Facebook, a $200bn+ company which is barely 10 years old, already knows that innovation, creativity and change is the only way to survive.

It knows it needs to stay entrepreneurial, nimble and relevant to it’s customers.

Facebook has gone from being a start-up in 2004, to a company with 10,000+ employees in just over a decade. It is clearly working hard to stay fresh, agile and deliver great value for its customers.

It knows another start-up could come and wipe them out if they become complacent or take their customers and market leading position for granted.

Just think what happened to Friends Reunited or Myspace...

...or what is happening in other industries where new entrants are disrupting the status quo -- think of AirBnB and Uber or now established players such as Google, Amazon, Ebay or

All have taken market share and revenues away from traditional players.

This change will be happening in your industry too... Guaranteed!

Standing still in business is not an option… the only way forward is continuous improvement… it is innovation…. it is change…. it is the constant strive for excellence.

Continuous improvement, change and excellence is a mindset -- it’s a way of thinking which needs to be firmly embedded into EVERY employee in your company.

All your employees -- every last one of them --- are responsible for your company’s success (or failure), and it falls on your shoulders to make sure every employee in your company is on board with you and are in tune with your goals, beliefs and values.

In any company -- yours included -- the need for leaders who can inspire, drive, engage, and create teams who ‘get it’ are paramount.

These are not just leaders at the senior level, but leaders at all levels.

Here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide Ltd, we work with companies to develop leaders at all levels. These are leaders -- from the front line and upwards -- who you can rely on to drive your company forward, keep it relevant, fresh and nimble and deliver superior value to your customers.

Whatever your industry, size, age or location, it is your people who will determine your future success and using our Enterprise LEADER program, you will have access to a world class leadership and team development program which is proven to keep companies competitive, agile and ultimately profitable.

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If we don’t create the thing that kills Facebook, someone else will.

“Embracing change” isn’t enough. It has to be so hardwired into who we are that even talking about it seems redundant. The internet is not a friendly place. Things that don’t stay relevant don’t even get the luxury of leaving ruins. They disappear.

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