Recreate Enterprise LEADER For Your Own Company

Enterprise LEADER is a ready-made leadership development program, proven to work 'out of the box'.

At its heart are 20 MP3 audio sessions and a 218 page workbook. Add in the 'face-to-face discussions' and you have a 'blended learning' program which is guaranteed to turn managers into business leaders.

However, we recognise the 20 sessions 'as is' may not entirely work for you... you may not like all the examples in the program, you may even want to add in some of your own ideas -- or even reduce 20 sessions down to 10.

For that reason, we we are happy for you to 're-create' Enterprise LEADER for your own company.

Why reinvent the wheel? There is no need. We have done the hard work in creating Enterprise LEADER in the first place, but you can now truly make the program your own by editing and/or re-writing the scripts and re-recording the audio. Keep the proven framework of Enterprise LEADER (I BELIEVE, WE BELIEVE and THEY BELIEVE) but make the leadership program work 100% for you.

Why would you want to create your own version of Enterprise LEADER, rather than just use our professionally recorded audio sessions (which can be listened to on any smartphone, MP3 player or PC)?

Simply for these five reasons...

1. Personalise the program to your own company.

Enterprise LEADER works out of the box and is proven to deliver results time and time again. But in the MP3 version, the content is fixed. The examples are set in stone. By recording your own version of Enterprise LEADER, you can personalise the program, changing examples and stories as you go along. Not enough mention of Snapchat or Facebook for your millennials -- simply change the written scripts. You make the program work for you.

2. Use local voices and dialects.

When we created Enterprise LEADER, we used the voices of British actors and voice over artists. These have worked well for existing customers, but you may want the program in voices more familiar to your employees. For example, UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and India all speak English, but the accent and dialect varies massively. With your own version you can choose the voices and accents which work best for you.

3. Change the look and feel of Enterprise LEADER

With your own personalised version of Enterprise LEADER you can make it look and feel how you want. If you want to add music, text or graphics, you can choose which works best for you. You can choose who goes in front of the camera or behind the microphone. Essentially, you piggy back on our hard work in researching, writing and producing Enterprise LEADER, but you make it work 100% for you and your own employees.

4. Have fun creating it.

Creating your own personalised edition of Enterprise LEADER will be a hugely fun and rewarding experience. The hard work has been done in terms of writing the base scripts, writing the workbook and developing (and proving) the implementation methodology. Now you can do the fun bit in recording the actors. By recording your own version, you’ll get to know the program inside and out, and become experts in it, helping you as you introduce it to your wider workforce.

5. Save Time and Costs / Reduce Risk.

Many companies like the idea of creating their own internal leadership program, but this is a massive undertaking, both in terms of time and cost. It also carries a huge risk as any newly created program will be untested and unproven. By using Enterprise LEADER as the backbone for your new 'internal leadership program', you can save time and money and also have the peace of mind that Enterprise LEADER has been rigorously tested, refined and is proven to deliver results.

Like the Idea of your own personalised edition of Enterprise LEADER? What Next?

If you like the idea of creating your own personalised version of Enterprise LEADER then please get in touch. We'd love to talk to you about making this happen.

To get in touch, please contact Richard Parkes Cordock by email at or on the phone number on this site.

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