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So you want to develop your skills as a manager in business...

...maybe even step-up and become a manager for the first time.

But why?

It’s an important question to consider.

Management can be difficult, challenging, awkward at times -- but equally it can be hugely exciting and enjoyable, and fantastically rewarding (both financially and emotionally).

Here are a few reasons why you might want to excel as a manager -- and invest in Enterprise LEADER to help you rise to the top of your game.

1. You want to earn more money

In many professions, managers earn more money than other employees. Certainly the closer you go to the top of an organization, the greater is your salary, bonus, stock, options, benefits and overall incentive package.

As a manager, you are rewarded for what you can get others to do and the results you deliver for the business, rather than your own pure technical skills.

Excelling as a manager can be worth many tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars to you over your career. Perhaps even more.

For example, if you are a promoted as a manager at the age of 27 and paid an extra $10,000 for this, over the next 30 years of your career, you would earn an extra $300k+ simply for being a manager. More likely you would earn significantly more as your salary rises and the bonuses and benefits you earn start to kick in.

Making an investment in your career now with Enterprise LEADER will pay incredible dividends for you over your working lifetime.

2. You want to get ahead in your career

Being a manager opens new doors of opportunity for you. If you are looking to get ahead in your career, either with a promotion, new/different job in the same company or switching to a new company, being a successful manager will help you stand out from the crowd.

Companies are constantly on the look out for talented managers who can lead teams, get the best from people and deliver strong results. Excelling as a manager --- with the help of Enterprise LEADER -- will be your pathway to a long and opportunity rich career.

3. You want respect, recognition and fulfilment -- or you want to raise your profile

Being a manager carries a certain amount of prestige and demands a certain level of respect and recognition. It feels good knowing you are in a management level position -- whatever your level of management (front-line, middle management, senior management C-suite). People look up to you (your peers, your bosses and the people you lead). People look to you for guidance and direction.

Being a manager is also a sure fire way to stand out and be known in your company. Your bosses and their bosses (and above) will know about you -- as you are the one your own managers turn to to get things done.

Management however is not for everybody and is not where everybody’s talents lay. Would Vincent Van Gogh have been a better ‘gallery manager’ or a better artist? The same may be true for you.

But if you are a manager (or aspiring manager) and want to grow and develop, then investing in yourself with Enterprise LEADER will be one of the wisest and most career defining decisions you will ever make.

4. You don’t want to get left behind

It is a fact of life, that not all careers are linear. At a certain age, your career can ‘slow down’ and if you haven’t made it into a management position, the latest and youngest hot shot will take your position.

Whether you are that hot shot in your 20’s, cruising in your 30’s or looking over your shoulder in your 40’s and 50’s -- there is only one right time to invest in yourself as a manager… and that time is now.

Enterprise LEADER will help you excel as a manager in business, giving you the essential tools, capabilities and mindset to stand out as a leader who can be trusted to deliver results.

5. You want continued professional development (CPD)

As a manager, you should never stop learning. There is a lot to learn! Many people choose to take courses in management and leadership... some people take time out and complete an MBA... others simply read lots of books.

But CPD is essential if you want to excel as a manager and leader.

With Enterprise LEADER, you have access to a world class structured CPD program which you can journey through at a time, pace and place to suit you. Using MP3 development materials and workbook exercises, coupled with one-on-one coaching calls, you have the tools to excel as a manager and leader, and get the recognition and rewards you deserve in your career.

6. You want to get the best from people you lead -- and deliver greater results

As a manager, you are charged with delivering results through people. Whether that is meeting KPIs, sales or profit targets, operating within budgets or delivering projects to a timescale -- the buck stops with you as a manager.

Good or bad, the results fall on your shoulders.

So doesn't it make sense to learn how to get the best from the people you lead? Doesnt it make sense to learn the tricks of the trade, and get your team to perform at a higher level?

With Enterprise LEADER, youll learn the team building tricks that great business leaders know, and discover how they get the best from people.

7. You want to become more commercially focused.

Take a look at any job advert for a manager, and the words commercial awareness, business acumen, customer focus, entrepreneurial spirit are usually in there somewhere.

Here's a few lines from recent manager level job adverts taken from

  • We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic Managers that are commercially focussed, results orientated with exceptional service skills who can lead a team to deliver the highest standards to their customers.
  • To recruit, guide, train and motivate your people, manage their performance and retain the best people.
  • Lead by example, demonstrating high standards of behaviour, honesty & integrity - develop & support people through coaching and feedback.
  • Build effective relationships across all levels of the organisation and cross-functional teams through the application of effective communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
  • Great people management, leadership and motivational skills along with the ability to adapt your approach to different colleagues and customers  youll always deal with any issues thoughtfully and tactfully.
  • Experience of managing a team with the ability to lead, motivate and inspire (essential)
Business thinking is what employers want, because they know if you think like a business person, youll make better decisions for the company (and for customers), which in turn will make the company more successful.

With Enterprise LEADER, youll train your mind to think like a business leader. Somebody who sees the bigger picture, who can connect the dots, who is in tune with the company goals and visions and help grow the business.

Enterprise LEADER was built using the input of 50+ self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders. These are people who know how to build and grow businesses, and it is their inner wisdom which youll be able to tap into.

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Enterprise LEADER offers you everything you need to have your mind set to business leader mode, for a very reasonable and affordable price; and of course it comes with our cast iron money back guarantee.


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