As a HR executive, you will constantly be reviewing how your company can create motivated, engaged, high performance teams.

More often that not, HR will be the first line of contact for managers who want to turn around their under-performing team, or find new ways to take their already successful team to a higher level.

No doubt you have a rolodex full of 3rd party team building providers or leadership development specialists who you have used before. However you may not have heard of Enterprise LEADER.

Unlike many team building and leadership programs which rely on external coaches, consultants and trainers, Enterprise LEADER is used by your own managers within their own teams.

Your managers and their team work together through a series of mini case-studies and group coaching sessions, which help facilitate and stimulate communication, idea sharing, personal growth and team bonding.

Where most team building programs are generic and non-business team related, Enterprise LEADER is designed from the ground up for business, and ensures that your teams are 100% focused on your business.

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