Who is Enterprise LEADER For?

Enterprise LEADER is a business focused leadership development program for middle managers, front-line managers and key employees as well as new managers and individuals looking to make the first move into management.

1. Middle Managers

E.g. - Heads of Departments, Area/Regional Managers, Branch Managers, General Managers.

As a Middle Manager, you are expected to:

2. Front-Line Managers

E.g. Team leader, Team Manager, Project Leader, Supervisor, Shift Manager.

As a Line Manager, you are expected to:

3. Key Employees

E.g. Senior Level Employee, Client Facing Employees, Lead Employees, Assistant Manager.

As a Key Employee, you are expected to:

Here's just a little of what of Enterprise LEADER an do for you as as Manager (looking to step-up as a business leader):

  • Get the best from the team you lead.
  • Develop your own inner leadership capabilities and style.
  • Broaden your thinking as a business person.
  • Deliver stronger business results, goals and KPIs.
  • Think bigger, more commercially and more customer focused like a CEO or entrepreneur.
  • Develop a language of business which will help you communicate better between senior management and the team you lead.
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The most successful people in the world are not just great managers, but they are outstanding leaders. They are able to inspire, motivate, direct and lead others to achieve extraordinary results against all odds, and with little or no resources. And who in business doesn't suffer from a lack of resources?


Enterprise LEADER is published by Enterprise Leaders Worldwide. We are based in the historic city of Bath in the UK and work with companies around the world.

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